Jenise Bidulock

(780) 470-0581

Since riding with Cheryl Anderson, I have successfully owned, trained and shown many horses in the amateur divisions in horse shows. I have been teaching riders in the competitive program for some time, and now am teaching in the advanced lesson horse program. I also provide assistant coaching at the horse shows. Having worked with Cheryl for so long, and as a former educator, I have a strong understanding of the Blarney Stone system of rider development, and I thoroughly enjoy seeing our riders succeed.

Janessa Koopmans

(780) 266-7336

Hello, my name is Janessa and I have been ridding for almost ten years. I started out in the blarney stone lesson horse program where I grew up with the horses. The fall of 2014 I bought myself my own horse after years of leasing; "Hello, I love you" or known around the barn As Moose. He is going into his first real year of jumping and showing. I have always had a passion for horses and am very excited to be teaching in the lesson horse program. I am looking forward to the coming years of teaching and learning.

Brittney Toner

(780) 470-0581

Hi, I've been riding at Blarney Stone for ten years and have been managing the stable for almost two years. I have two horses: Champ, who I've had for almost three years and have shown up to the 1.15m jumpers in Calgary and Edmonton shows; and my new baby Bittersweet, this will be her very first show season. Horses are my passion and I love working with them all day.

Blarney Stone also has several other key people who help to keep the horses comfortable, including a full time day staff in charge of overseeing the maintenance of the barns and property, in addition to bringing horses in, feeding outside hay and other assorted duties. Blarney Stone Farms currently has two working students. In addition to helping out with the barns, feeding and bringing in they also are learning veterinary related skills, clipping, schooling of horses and they help with the lesson horse string.